Beiruti Xpress

Beiruti Xpress is a take-away only Franchise of the already established Lebanese restaurant Beiruti. The mission was to design a unique logo and identity without losing the original style and look of the brand. I also designed the menus, window cover and standing banner.

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Yokoso Sushi

For Yokoso, I printed a number of posters for a booth located at the entrance of the restaurant, with the goal of luring people inside. I also designed discount cards to encourage lunch.


For Watr, the parent company of several restaurants, hotels and entertainment companies, I created presentations that were shown at various events such as, for example, the Hospitality Expo with 43,000 visitors.


To attract more b2b & catering customers, I designed the campaign "Enough with the sandwiches" for the Lebanese restaurant Beiruti. It was my idea to distribute flyers along with mini jars of hummus & baba ganoush around to local businesses. Which directly impacted our catering sales. I also created other posters for Beiruti.